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Real-Time Text Transcription and Basic Transcription

When you need the text of your event fast, this product is for you. Carolinas Captioning will dial into your conference call, webcast, or other media, and produce a Real-Time Transcript. This transcript is delivered within an estimated time frame of one hour of proofreading for every one hour of recording. So a two-hour call will be delivered in two hours after its completion. If you choose to waive the proofreading time, you can have a transcript immediately following your event.
We can also produce transcripts of your recordings, with or without timecodes.

 Rates vary according to length and difficulty.

“They are always able to take on ad hoc events or change their schedule to suit out needs.  We are able to depend on them for our most confidential and high priority needs.”  Samantha M., Content Manager.

“We have used Carolinas Captioning for five years.  We have had no problems of any kind.  Carolinas Captioning is professional, customer friendly, cost effective and extremely reliable.”  Wendy B., Manager.

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